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2:30 'Sign of the Cross - Regent (mom & me.)

'Freezing' Cold                Frances

Thursday, Jan. 12, 1933

Lila Benedict dies at 2:30 this A.M.

from double pneumonia & something else.

up about 7:35. --------------------

Go to school in Aspinwall's 

car.  Stay for lunch.  At game,

during noon hour, I notice

my watch crystal missing.

Mrs. Fox tells us Lila Bene-

dict died last night by

double pneumonia & something

else.  Classes mixed up.  Excused

at 1:45 from English II and gym,

to see 'The Sign of the Cross' at

Regent with Mother.  I pay

$1.00 for ticket (2 - 50 cent seats.  6th row.) Very

good, splendid acting but

Sad to see Christians tor-

tured so.  Come home

frozen.  I blew drops in a 

whill.  I eat alone.  Frozen.

have fire in fireplace Franese

Fitch stays with me.  [Sti?]


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(not superstitious)

                        Music Lessons.

I [?andequait] at Brighton

Friday, Jan. 13, 1933

Guglemans for sup

Up about 7:3 A.M.  Terrible

cold & I slept between blankets.

Dressed in front of guest room

register.  Breakfast alone as

Daddy arises earlier than I.

Helen Aspinwall calls and

go to school iwth her.  Stay

for lunch.  Get excused

at 2:45 P.M, from study 

hall.  Miss Wenty comes

for me.  Music Lesson.

Grandma sent me recipes

in a ltter today. ------

--- Mr. & Mrs. Gugleman

come for supper at 6:30, only 

a little late.  Mr & mr. Barker

and Mr. & Mrs. Kenyon com in 

later to see Guglemans as they

heave Roch - tomorrow.  Sit up

(in living-r'm corner) to hear news -

cast & it isn't on.  Mother reads paper

& says newscast at 11:01  Come

downstairs Brighton lost the game.  Rod late