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              Girl Scouts

18            'cramimg'

Wednesday, Jan. 18, 1933


Up about 7:35. ---------- Break-

fast 'per usual'.  Walk to

school with Aspinwall's.


Stay up until 10 doing some 



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Windy and [?]  MId-year's.

Thursday, Jan. 19, 1933

Jane Wilcox's birthday 9:00 P.M.

Latin 9-10:30   79

French 10:30-12   79

Geometry 1:00-2:30  84

Up about 7:30.  Dress,

etc.  Breakfast alone as

Daddy was ahead of me.

Helen called and I rode to

school with them.  Go to

store and get a 5 cent ink tablet.

Study 'till the bell rings.

Latin II test at 9.  6 questions

on 3rd queston when time's up.

Hurry so I felt almost dizzy

French.  Couldn't think of 4 voc. words

Lunch my 2 sandwiches about 8 of 12.  Miss Ekert sees

me about 12:15 and I finish my test

(miracles never cease) thanks to Miss Ekert.  Geom-

etry test. Come home about 2:45 P.M.

Heln & I play a 'compound-jumping-name'

game.  Wind so strong it plain blows

us over.  Good time.  Play 2 handed bridge

Come home, supper, pp; go to the post office

with Daddy.  Come home & write in diary

in living room while listening to Death Valley

Days Program.