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Rainy              Church & Dinner at the Y.

Sunday, Jan. 22, 1933


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No School!        Enda here

                       Dogs comes

Monday, Jan. 23, 1933

10:14 1/2 P.M.

Up about 10:15 (for good.)

Dress & read 'Tom Lawyer

Abroad' while eating

breakfast.  Water plants

and let Nickie fly.

Mrs. Stowell comes

about 11.  ---------- Write

composition for Eng-

lish.  Fix lunch of baked

beans.  Do all of p.p. &

play 'Wooden Soldiers

all 2 times.  Read book.

Mother about 3:30.  Cut

orange skins. Play with Spragues

come in.  Edna comes about 

5:50.  Daddy comes in and a

stray dog follows.  We 2 eat supper,

fed dog.  Call town clerk but [?]

didn't answer.  Take dog to Harmons

but they said it wasn't thiers,

go for walk & end b Aspinwalls.

The Shepherdess again.  FInish 'Lain

Lawyers'  Retire about 9:30 after

orange juice. Wash 1 pr.  silk stockings

Dog still here.