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Chilly with some snow

Sunday School & Church.

Dinner at home

Dinner At Aspinwall's.

Sunday, Feb. 5, 1933

Up about 8:30

Eat alone.  Go to Sunday

School with Spragues

Family meet me at church.

Mrs. Kenyon sick so we

come home for dinner.

Good with left over chick.

Read from middle to end

of book 'The Cruise the 

Comoo" by Roy Snell.  Good.

Telephone Hellen Aspinwall

Walk around the block

with her.  Play 'soloo'

with her.  Say for [?] [?]

another dinner complete

Do some french [?] &

listen to Eddy Cantor.

Come home at 8:45

Mother fixes my hair.

Retire ratheer late


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Some snow                Edna Taylor here

Monday, Feb. 6, 1933

9:35 P.M.

Daddy takes Helen 

& me to school

Fix desk this P.M.

all over, grad.  Edna

comes about 7:30 and

helps me with my

Latin trans.

I stay for lunch at

school 19  Finish some work

for Miss Hooper at noon.

Walk home alone at night.

My [d?] Let's turn out the lights

[?] play yr Mother calls.

Miss Trenly to tell her I've 

stopped my lessons much to

Momma's unhappiness.  Fix

[?] [?] grandly.  Supper.

[?] [?] - [re?]

4 right in French test out of 10 words