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ice skating                         no school                     Helen all day

warmer                              Edna Here

Monday, Feb. 13, 1933

about 30 degrees               after 9

Up about 10 o'clock.

Wash two pair stock-

ings its quite leisurely.

Mom piping mad and

kept telling me what

a 'selfish pig' I was

and I don't blame her

a bit.  She wanted to go

downtown in the AM.

if get me overshoes.  We

didn't go.  Breakfast

about 11.  Fix Nick  Rerad

some of book  Sweep

sidewalk partially.  Call

for Helen A.  I take very

short walk.  Play 'salvo'

come to my house for lunch.

More soloo and then jacks.

Supper with Edna. G

around [?] block  finish

"The Postmaster".  Edna reads

my Latin for me.  Take

bath (Come [?] at 8:30 now 9:30)


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Nice & 'warmer'              Go to Miss Paris' house

[?] trees            no skating allowed

Tuesday, Feb. 14, 1933

St. Valentine Day

about 30 degrees or 40

9:35 PM.

Very sleepy in the AM

Finally wake up at 7:40 AM.

Dress etc.  Daddy and I have

breakfast (Going to rain out

nearly 35 dregrees)  Go to School iwth

Helen A & their car.  Leave it

at gas station.  Come home

with Helen at noon.  Leave

gas station about 12:15 as the

tire was not yet on.  Daddy

home for lunch.  Go back

in ther car.  Gene Robbins & I 

wait about 1/2 hr. 'ost ludum'

for A's who 're in class meeting.

Mother takes me to Miss Paris'

house.  Go thro Dr. 'Dogle's' yard.  Pass

part of my tree's test.   Mom takes

Catherine Pronty & me home.  Look

at Biology book.  Supper about 6:35

as Daddy's late.  Supper over about

7:30.  [?] but can't do Latin trans

Listen to radio come up about 8:38

Mom fixes my hair fix stockings