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Thursday, March 23, 1933

Clare's house



Run to Clare Drumond's house with Helen Aspinwail to be 'rushes' into their sorority. Stay till about 4 or 5. Play 'pig' and another game. Nice time. Walk home with.


Friday, March 24, 1933

Nice & springlike

10:16 PM.

Up around 7:30. Nice day. Wore jumper. Mother not down for breakfast. Walk to school with Helen. Walk home alone and back alone at noon. Stay awhile for Miss Eckert, find 1 mitten missing from my locker. Walk home with Juliet Pierson. Mrs. Aspinwall gives me some beautiful pussy willows.

Mother and I go to dress shop on Park Ave. Nothing for me. Come home. Am. Girl mag, Good Housekeeping & Literary Digest there.

Supper, lamb chops. Read a little. Do some Fr. translation. Retire about 9:50.