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Wednesday, April 12, 1933

Start to New York City

Night at Scranton

Daddy takes me to school and I stay for lunch. Get excused at 2:30 (Miss Study Hall). Leave house around 3:45. See a car upside-down a little past school. Eat all the way down, sandwiches and oranges that mother bro't (go thro Binghamton where Guglemem lives.) Spend night at Holland Hotel in Scranton. Rather noisy and very lightin morning. I slept in a cot (Baseball players were also spending the night there!)


Thursday, April 13, 1933

Arrive at Newark

Night at Dixie Hotel, N.Y. City

Have breakfast at Hotel and start on our way at 9:15. Have a soda at drug store in         . Land in Newark about noon. East Orange so near it we ran into " " trying to find 13th Street. Mother &    me snakeskin shoes, gloves and birthday card while Daddy talks business. Leave there about 5:15. Go thro Holland Tunnel to New York, first time in " ". Say all night in Dixie Hotel. Very nice and up-to-date place. Supper there. (Bath and wash stockings). New York Times (paper) published across street. Open all night.