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Friday, April 14, 1933

Arrive at Aunt Betty's

Night there

Breakfast in Hotel and then go to Empire State Building (tallest structure in world (102 stories)). Have a soda there at noon. (Print and costs 25 cents). Go back to Hotel and sight seeing bus calls for us at 2:30. See upper New York. Supposed to see Lower N.Y. also but bus too slow, so we get our money refunded. Leave about 5:15 for Park Washington, L.I. where Aunt Betty Davidson lives. Grand supper there. Sleep in Little Betty's twin bed.Very quiet after sleeping in a hotel. Betty is short and Ward Jr. is father and bigger than Daddy.


Saturday, April 15, 1933

Night at Aunt Betty's

See Ocean

Up about 9 (or 10, I forgot). Breakfast when Mother & Aunt Betty get back from the Haskell House (boarding house) where they spent the night. Uncle Ward didn't got to work. Looked over the yard & saw her playhouse and teeter-totter. Play deck to   a while with Betty. Go to town with Betty, Aunt Betty, and Mother. Little Betty and I sit in wimple seat. Late dinner. Then go for a ride in their 9 passenger bus to Jone's Beach where I saw the ocean for the first time. Go to Aviation Country Club & saw Uncle Ward's 4 pass. plane. Supper at North Hempstead Country Club after an enjoyable ride.