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       Monday    1    January

 1st                              364

day     Happy New Year  Days to come


280.  Beautiful day.  We slept

later than usual.  About 10 Dad

& Bud started to put up his

French door facing us, had

it finished by 3 o'clock.  Larry

up to Ma. [T?] after Kenny, he

had stayed all night with

her.  Ethel, Bob, Bobby, & Ma.  J. are

going to Aunt Emily's for New

Year's dinner.  really a lovely

day.  very quiet with us.  Dad

and I drove out to Chatwood to

look at House Bob says is for

sale.  Mrs. Jones owns it and

her husband has died, now

she doesn't care to live there. 

Ethel likes it too, near Harold

& Jean.