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Wednesday   3   January

3rd                    362

Day                    Days to come


Nice day.  clear & warm.  Men

moved Larry's washer over

for her to wash in her cellar

& she can hang clothes there

to dry.  nice as Kenny can play

there too.  Dad took me to [Aneta's?]

Louis K. took she Bessie & I

to Laura to sew.  I saw Helen

Patschell a min, just to say

hello.  A little one due there

in March.  We had a nice

day.  Louis brought me Home

at 4-15.  Had early supper & up 

to Ethel's., She, Bob and Dad out

to Chatwood to see House. 

then B & E went to [forum?] at Kitty

[Tauretts?].  I gave Bobby bath.  Went

to bed at 8, good little fellow.