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Sunday   7  January

7th                                              358 Days

Day    1st Sunday after Epiphany    to come 

Nasty day, very damp and air

full of rain.  Bud to Church with

us.  Larry took Kenny to S.S.  Too

nasty I didn't go over to Mary's.

Almost 3 o'clock.   Bob, Ethel & Bobby

came in brought little chest

& stool.  She & Dad worked on

Chest with my electric iron

Larry had given me & did a

good job, will have to be

sanded a lot also.  Bob painting

for Bud.  We had supper at

6. steak & I had [fig?] pudding

for us.  Lemon pie for Bob.  Took

Bobby up to see Kenny little 

while before leaving.  raining

when they left at 7:30.