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Wednesday   10  January

10th             355 Days

Day              to come

18º  income tax papers came,

Beautiful day.  Bud & W. at Bill

Darlingtons.  Dad to Bank with

[?] checks on to Wilson with business

papers.  drew check of $1400.00 from

Dime for Bob & Ethel.  1st pay't on

their new Home in Chatwood, give 

the rest June 1st.  Larry & Kenny to

W.C. she got paint for their kitchen.

I washed kitchen curtains & cleaned

windows.  After lunch Dad had

to go back to Wilson so I went

along, got my brown shoes (havng

rubber lifts put on) this diary at

[Kewlstens?] new pair of scissors at

[Yearsley's?] & wisk broom & shellac for

chair Dad is sanding, little rocker

for Larry.  Bud over in House in eve.

sounds like rain.