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Thursday                  11                           January

11th                                                       354 Days

Day    Alexander Hamilton-Born 1757          to come 

174 gal. fuel oil  $21.22-

SUN can't seem to get out, trying to

sleet a little.  Boys to Mrs. Marshall

[Tumps?] then on to Phila.  Bud &

Dad to get new Motor for her

[Pump?] w. at Clompas then painted

a little in Bud House.  I called

Anita for them to not wait on me

as I wouldn't get to meeting.  It 

is starting to snow and travel

may get bad.  Altho it is not freezing

Bud put Motor on [Pumps?] & got

water for Mrs. M. for to-night.

After supper Dad & I up to Movie

(Solomons Mines) wonderful picture

3 years to make.  I enjoyed it.  Bud

out to Church to Choir practice.  Shey

dusted for me he said I won't have

to clean it this week