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Friday   12  January

12th             353 Days

Day              to come 

Bobbi Cotter Home on furlough.

clear/colder.  Bud up to Kehre early

for electric to go on Mrs. Marshall's

Motor , then over there with it.  W. in

shop painting rad.  After lunch

boys at Edith Hatton's.  Larry & Kenny

left at 8-30 to shop.  Ethel came for

me at 9-45 & took me to see House

on Chatwood they have bought.  It

is very nice.  I met Mrs. Jones there.

[Hers?] kitchen is very nice.  We stop-

ped at Acme on our way Home & shopped

Bobby tired so I sat in Car with him.

After we got back while Ethel put

groceries away, then we had lunch.  We

brought couch cover Home so I could

fix it.  They brought Bobby down about

7-30. left him & on to Grange - He didn't mind

[&?]. went to sleep at 8-30.  Bud working.