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Sunday   14  January

14th             351 Days

Day               to come

2nd Sunday after Epiphany - Transfiguratin (Lutheran 

Raw & cold, very cloudy.  Larry to S.S.

with Kenny.  Bud, Dad & I at Church.

Kenny wanted to stay for Church

so Larry did.  Jessie H. gave me $5

to buy material for our sewing.

sleeting & snowing when we came

out of Church, glad to get Home, Al.

& Ma. L. didn't go up to see Dad L.

but telephoned to him.  Abut 4 o'clock

in come Bit, Ethel & Bobby.  It is just

about freezing but not [slippy?] yet.

We had supper about 6.  Kenny & Bobby

had good time playing & they left

at 7.  took cover I had repaired

for her couch. really a nasty night

but not to [slippy?]. rained hard

all night. but getting warmer.