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Wednesday 17 January

17th             348 Days

Day                to come

Benjamin Franklin - Born 1706


Dad to Bank with checks to see Wilson.

Beautiful day. Boys at Will Darlington's.

I felt I shouldn't go all day to sew

to-day so told Aneta that & I would

get some W. muslin & unbleached too

at Grants' as Dad was going to W.C.

He got a light for machine also.

After lunch Dad & I out to Church,

spread carpet [down?] & oiled & dusted

machines ready for to-morrow.

Larry and Kenny walked down to

store for Papers. After supper Ethel

called, she had a lady to [?] at

House about 4 o'clock. After Bob

came back from his Ma. at 8 o'clock

he had 4 applicants. They are

having the calls there from 6 to 8 [in eve?]

to [?] at House.

people are coming to-morrow and Sat.