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Saturday    20    January

20th            345 Days

Day             to come

Only one person came to see Bob's House.

Nice day. warm.  I moped kitchen

& cleaned up a little.  Bud down 

tp see Ed. [Cloud?].  Dad had to go to

W.C. for gas then Bud had to go

back to Ed. W. painting for Bud.

After lunch Ethel brought Bobby

down & left him.  He & Kenny played

outside, I pulled them in Wagon.

At 1-30 both took naps.  Dad, Bud

& W. over to [Kirlis?] old place to see about

heat job.  Mease set fire to lot next

us & surely got away from him.  Dad

had come Home with [Paul?] Willits

after something & C. DAvis was here

so they took Indian Pumps & helped

put it out.  Crazy.  I gave Bobby supper

& [Bath?] & Ethel came for him at 7 to go

to [Maygas?].