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Friday         21      January

21st                    344 Days

Day                      to come

Septuagesima - Stonewall Jackson, Born 1824

clear, fairly warm.  Larry took Kenny

to S.S.  Bud to Church with Dad

& I.  Larry & Kenny went with Ma.

[S?]. to [see?]   Dad L. Mrs Butler gave

me 2.00 for serving, Bertha Davis

$1.00,  Bud working on his stairs

they take a lot of time.  George S.

in to see him awhile.   No one 

here to-day.  I had our dinner

at 4.  getting colder by eve.  Larry

& Kenny Home by 6, she had to get

supper then.  Ethel called about

9-28, they didn't have any-one

to see House to-day. disappointed.

Ma. J & Emily out about 6 for a

little while. a quiet day for them

too.  Bob Highly called but too much

money for him.