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Monday         22      January

22nd                    343 Days

Day                      to come

10º   1st time for new washer

Beautiful but cold.  I decided to wash

so Dad & Bud helped me a little.

Bud down to Ed. C. then he took

Chevi. up & left it to be tested.  Dad

to Clompus & [Stasts's ???] Bank & Bud came

back with him.  i got some rust

in white pieces from rinse, will have

to put it in some other way.

I made raisin pie for supper.

brought clothes in at 3 & put on [radio?]

to finish. put potatoes in to bake. Kenny

down a little while before supper.

After supper Dad listened to [Budak??]

then got ready for Grange.  Joe B.

coming for him but Joe's Car not 

working (lights) so Dad took him.

got new [word?].  Bud working on stairs.