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Dr. Francis Green buried to-day

at Siloam


Saturday         27      January

27th                   338 Days

Day                      to come


snowing. not too hard.  Boys over in

Bud's House.  Dad fixing one of Lanny's

chair.  I am not doing much just

watching for Van Scivers.  After lunch

we took naps, talked to 

Ethel, told her no desk yet.  About

4 o'clock they brought it, I put it

back of blue chair in the corner.

I called her to tell her but they had

gone to W.C.  They went to see

Jones about selling their place.

Bud & Dad tied up bundle of

old clothes for Larry to take or

send to Olson.  35 lbs so far.

She needs a lot more but I

think rug on her bed - R. will

be pretty heavy, I gave her that.