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Monday         29     January

29th                   336 Days

Day       Wm. McKinley - Born 1843    to come

raining, nasty day but not freezing

yet.  Boys at J: Boswells, then to

Lester Cloud's Pump.  Dad to U.C.

then wnhen he got back. Sammy

was taking her bundle to go

to Olson so he went along to

handle it. pretty heavy (45 lb).

I kept Kenny.  Back by noon.  Mr.

Ciaffoni here to see Dad.  Pump not

just right yet.  I washed my

navy & white dress ready to iron

for Wed. if we sew.  We had

dish of dried limas for supper

surely good tasted & very

perfect.  [Cork?] good enough

to me for seed.  Bob working

to: night at gas station.