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Tuesday         30     January

30th                   335 Days

Day    Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Born  1882       to come


thin ice is several places making

traveling treacherous.  Boys at Det-

Wilers' unhooking rads. & stopped at

[L.?] Walters fixing leak for him.  Not

back till 1-30 for lunch then to

[McCuis?] at Church Manse. have to put

in a new toilet, very hard condition.

I am not doing much, just mending

old striped dress & few things.  Ethel

didn't call to-day.  Dad working on

old stool of Bob's., really to pieces after

paint was off.  He is trying to get a

sore throat he says but went to

meeting at G. [Steels?]. with C. Mease

in eve. about joining. Mr. [Mac...?] is

really sore at Bud  Dad said, but

he had a right to his opinion