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                                19            51

           Thursday                     1          February

                 32nd                                   333 Days

                  Day                                     to come

Our Missionary [M.?] [?] [sewing?] called

off today

ice little soft enough so they

broke it up & cleaned Bud's steps.

Lenny & Kenny got down, she to

[Thone?] & then over to House. traveling

very bad.  Bud & W. working in House

didn't try to go anywhere.  fog

was dreadful by 4 & 5 o'clock.

Ethel's little stool looks right

nice I think.  Bud putting up

finish around door down-stairs.

[Bill Wyhi?] called about practice

decided to call it off weather

is dreadful I will have to

slip out to Church to see how

it is on Sat. as they generally

clean up a little for me at

practice  We were in bed early

Bud working late in eve