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                                19            51

           Friday                   2          February

             33rd                                332 Days

        Day    Groundhog Day-Purification B.V. Mary   to come


clear & cold.  Bud went over to Mrs. John

Marshall's.  W. painting in Bud's

House.  Dad in shop on work for

Harvey's.  [Sammy?] washing in her

cellar.  I moped up dining R. &

kitchen.  After lunch Dad & I to

W.C. he to Bank.  I went to Mrs.

Welster's & got rug frame, hook &

6 [???] of yarn. no clamp she

was nearly sold out of patterns

& the last frame.  Dad can make

Ethel & [Sammy?] each one from this

one  We got big orders from Smith

I got oysters & fruit at Meyer's.  After

supper Dad & I up to Ethel's as the

road was fairly clear of ice.  They went

bowling.  I put Bobby in, We looked at

Teliv. till 11-30. They got Home.  really cold out