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Saturday              3          February

 34th                               331 Days

 Day                                  to come

4º    Hoe up to see Ethel in after-noon.

dull & cloudy, cold.  Dad & W. up

to [Anita's] to fix hot water.  Bud

over in House.  [Anita?] will have

to have some new work as

Dad could only fix it to last

little while.  Steele's brought 2

boys & left them with [Sammy?] at

10-15, all day.  She made out

real good, took them to U.C. for

almost 1 hr. to get some things,

then Kenny & Jimmy took good

naps.  [] came for them

till 8-30.  Ethel had couple

of older people to look at her

House & seemed to like it.  He

works at College, wish they could

see their way to buy it.