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Sunday              4          February

 35th                               330 Days

 Day     Quinquagesima       to come

clear & cold.  Dad & I at Church.   [Sammy?]

took Kenny to S.S.  Bud has sore

thoat so no good in Choir & only 3

there, very poor attendance in

Church group also.  So many colds.

Ethel & Bob & Bobby came down at

3 o'clock.  [Sammy?] wanted them

for supper so they went up

there.  Little boys had goood

time to-gether before supper

down here.  Bob painting little

for  Bud.  Dad & I got ready &

left at 7-45 for W.C. to Earl

Thomas wife viewing.  I never

saw more flowers, both rooms

were banked & beautiful.  She had

a stroke, only 50.  Sorry for him