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Monday              5          February

 35th                               329 Days

 Day                                  to come


Beautiful day.  Boys at Harvey W-

orthington's pumps.  Dad to [Ciaff...?]

I am just puttng things in their

places after helpoing Dad mail out

several checks.  Boys at [Anita's?] in

after-noon.  Ethel came at 2 o'clock

took me to Wanamaker's to look

for rug pattern, had no small

one so we went into Wilm.

found one at little shop also

needle.  surely lovely day. back

by 4.  Bobby & Kenny played till

4-45, they left to get Bob at

work.  Dad working on rug frame

for girls.  Eleanor called they

would meet Thurs. morn at Grange

Hall instead of to-morrow.