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Mrs. Craig called me, Marion Sherwood

died yesterday

buried Friday


Tuesday                           6                               February

 37th                                                                  328 Days

 Day     Shrove Tuesday- Mardi Gras (Ala., Fla., La.)   to come

Nice day not quite as dry air as

yesterday but I washed, hung

W. pieces out, rest in cellar.  made

out better with washer.  Men at

[Cachus?].  I walked over at 2 to see

Mary but she & Tom both asleep,

so walked over to see [Ann?] Davis

a little while.  She had [little?] 4

Mo. old baby & 4 year old girl of

her Sister's there.  Charlie cutting

down old Maples in back yard.

I brought W. pieces in & ironed off

some.  After suppper [Sammy?] away

with Eleanor S. to Century

Club.  Dad said she joined

Jr. Club but she didn't tell me.

I want to sew more to-morrow if possible,