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Marion Sherwood buried to-day


Wednesday           9         February

 40th                               325 Days

 Day                                to come

Beautiful day.  Boys at [Sharp?]

W. Dad put chains on DeSoto

& tried Car on road, filled it

with gas in case we go.  Ethel

says Bobby has nasty cough.

Bud home from [H?] Waltz at 11-20

said for us to get ready, left

at 12 by Chester ferry to Jersey

up to Haddonfield, got to Stretch

Funeral parlor at [1;45?].  Marion

friends service

looked  nice, went to cemetery

spoke to Isaac & children, awfully

sad. We left soon, Home by Camden

Bud drives nice thru traffic.

Sammy didn't go to Grange

in eve. as we have a lot of ice

yet.  Bud finishing wood work

down stairs.