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Wednesday            10                         February

 41st                                                324 Days

 Day                                                 to come


clear  cold.  Dad up to pay Clompus.

to Meyers for oysters & to W.C. [Hardware??]

Bud & W. painting.  After a bit of

lunch Dad & I up to Ethel's to

see how they are.  We only stayed

little while as Mr. Jones was bringing

people to see place, but she

told me after-ward they didn't

even come in, place looked too

small I guess.  We stopped at Smiths

then on Home in time to get

air-raid alert at 3-30 & all

clear at 3-45.  I was going out

to Church in eve. but Dad per-

suaded me not too so [hope?] Dad

McCue has put things to rights

a little.  I feel like a cold coming on