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Monday            12                         February

 43st                                             322 Days to come

 Day   Abraham Lincoln, Born 1809-Georgia Day (Ga.)  

clear & Warmer.  Boys at Edith

Hatton.  Dad over working on

walnut table in Bud's cellar.

He went to W.C. talked to C. [Stsdto?]

about gas at Church.  Boys back by

10-30, worked in House till after lunch

then to De [Nenmo's?] Pump]. I defrosted

Gen E. box.  Mama shelled some dry

limas.  Sammy up to see Dr. [L?] in after-

noon, also shopping a little.  I went

up-stairs, got Kenny up after nap

played awhile & came down.  Sammy

home at 4-30.  Boys painting a little

while after they got back.  I talked

to Ethel in eve. she said road man

told her edge of shoulder of road

came near trees. really spoil the