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Brandywine Assoc. had meeting [????]

[out?] at Church


Wednesday            14                           February

 45th                                                    320 Days

 Day     St. Valentine's Day-Ember Day    to come

Dad out to Church when we got Home.

Eleanor S. took Lenny & Kenny up to [??]  [??]

cloudy. feels like rain.  Boys at

Ernest [Faucett's?] (Miller G.)  Dad to W.C.

with School checks.  I got things

ready for lunch & leave supper so

Mama can put it on for Dad.  We

went up by [???] Rd. & got there while

they were eating lunch.  Ethel took

Bob back to work & on to shop. I

put Bobby to nap at 1-30. slept

1 hr.  Men pulled hedge out along

front with caterpillar tractor & dug

deep ditch on [S ranks?] [&?] to carry

rain water.  Ethel back at 2-25,

had to hustle getting ready, taking

Ma. J. to tea Miss Wilson is giving

in Chatwood for Ethel to meet her new

neighbors.  nice. I had supper ready when

she & Bob got Home.  Dad up for me at 7.