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Saturday            17                        February

 48th                                             317 Days

Day                  Ember Day             to come

Kenny had bead spell of Croup

last night

raining but not freezing.  Men in

Bud's sanding floors.  Dad went

[Ippeiac / cough M.]

to W.C. to get things at drug store

for Kenny.  I read to him while

[Momie?] made a cake then at 11-30

I called Dr. A. office & told nurse

how he was.  I hope he won't get

bad to-night again.  Bob down at

1-15, brought high chair to fix then

helped with floors. Dad fixed

chair.  But put 1st coat of shellac

over all floors up-stairs.  Dad took

me to Church & I put fracture

pillows we had made in box &

covered over & stopped at store for

things & papers.  Bob took Sammys cake

up to Masonic Hall for Grange supper.

I talked to Ethel in eve.