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No one to see Bob's House this week.


Sunday            18                       February

 49th                                         316 Days

Day        2nd Sunday in Lent        to come

Can't get in if they would want to

Beautiful day.  I made lemon pie.

Dad to Church.  Bob & Ethel & Bobby

here by 10 & Bob over helping sand

I didn't feel like going to Church

so had bite of lunch for them at

12-30.  I rocked Bobby & he took short

nap then Dad took Mama, Ethel

Bobby & I for ride [& he?] slept most

all of the time.  Bob & Bud putting

shellac on big front R. dining

R. hall & steps.  We had dinner

at 5-30, they had finished 1 coat

all over.  Sammy down to tell Dr.

A. how Kenny is.  Dad & Bob fixed

their kitchen chair with braces,

then at 7-15 they left for home.  Can't

get Car in have to walk in & leave car on road.

I took [pacfier?] up & Kenny little better