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Monday            19                       February

 50th                                         315 Days

Day                                            to come

Bud said Kenny slept pretty good last night

dull, looks & feels like rain.  Bud &

W. took sanding machines back

to W.C. then to Wick's (no water)

Dad to [Cachus?], no tank yet.  He

worked on papers for income tax.

Bud & W. to Fisher's after lunch

I washed few pieces & cut out

blue striped material for House

dress.  I have a head cold it

seems, just like sinus.  Hope

I can shake it quickly.  So

much depends on me keeping

clear of cold.  rain came on

in after-noon.  Kenny still has

croupey cough but feels good

Bud put 2nd coat shellac on

down-stairs in eve.  Sammy has

her stove all cleaned [readly??].