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Tuesday            20                       February

 51st                                         314 Days

Day                                            to come

Men at [Cuchus?] after Dr. H. job.


dreadful foggy.  Boys at Hiriam

mem. park.  Dad putting shellac

on up-stairs for Bud.  After lunch

men up to Dr. Heathcotes house

on [Mine?] St. I ironed a few things

& started on blue striped dress.

I'm fighting a cold. feels like

sinus, my eyes hurt so much

Kenny slept pretty good at night

but still has croupy cough.  Won't

leave him for some time I guess.

Bud painting in pantry & putting

one door on with varnish.  I went

to bed about 9, put heat pad on

back of neck & fore-head, gives me

relief.  started to rain about 1

o'clock in night.