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Thursday            22                       February

 53rd                                             312 Days

Day George Washington-Born 1732   to come

clear & very windy warm.  Boys at

Mr. Carnel's House (OTT.) putting in

a sink.  Dad to W.C. with papers

on income tax to H. Wilson.  Ethel

called, she wasn't going to rug

class to-day.  Am sorry she can't

get started.  I feel much better but

she was afraid to bring Bobby down

I know I really have sinus & wouldn't

want to give him cold.  I went

up in after-noon with Kenny while

Sammy was over in House awhile.  W.

is varnishing doors while Bud

finishes over at Ott's & stopped at

J. [Wylie??].  Dad went to [S.?] Brintons

to get water.  her Pump had stopped

Fuller Brush man here & will stop

backl to-morrow with sample