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Bud is full of cold.  He is putting

1/4 round all over & I painted them.

Dad to [Simon's?]

for Bud's shades.

25º  Am afraid he isn't getting enough rest.


Saturday            24                   February

 55th                                        310 Days

  Day     St. Matthias, Apostle      to come

clear, but still windy & colder.  I

feel a little looser in chest.  Bud

Dad & W. moved all bureaus & all

but beds over to House.  They quit

at noon, Bud working too hard.

Dad took me to Church in after-

noon (as 'Ma [S.??] was here with

Kenny)  he & I cleaned pretty good

then stopped at store for order

of Sammy's & few things I wanted.

I don't know how they will sleep

up-stairs, must feel pretty empty

but nice to know they are really

getting their own Home.  [Sammy??]

will be getting too tired soon.

They all got to bed about 10 for

a change.  Kenny head still full

of cold.