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Bud, Sammy & Kenny slept in own Home

to-night for first

It is lovely, floors are beautiful


Sunday            25                       February

 56th                                        309 Days

  Day    3rd Sunday in Lent             to come

Beautiful day.  Bud came down at 9

& said he thought he would finish

morning so called Bob & he came

down 9-30 to help.  Dad went to [plant?]

& got a little truck to haul ice-box.

Brought Kenny down to me.  Dad to

Church.  Bud & Bob had stove &

ice-box all over when Dad got

Home.  not hard they said.  I had

sandwich for them at 12  Bob went

Home.  They were having Ma. J. & Emily

to dinner.  After lunch Bud & Sammy

went over to make beds &

do what they could.  We took Kenny

for a ride, he went to sleep for 1 hr.

I got supper for them at 5.  We all

went over for little while Mama was

really suprised how nice it was.