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M onday            26                       February

 57th                                        308 Days

  Day                                          to come

clear & warm, not windy.  seems queer

to not hear any noise up-stairs.  Men

at [Eachus?].  Bud called [Stuat's?] to hook

up his gas stove.  I had so many clothes

dirty, had to wash but hung in cellar.

don't want more cold.  I went out

little bit tho such a nice day.

talked to Ethel.  have their drive

entrance fixed so they can get

Car in.  [Stuat's] didn't come so I

put slice of ham in oven & potatoes

& had Bud, Sammy & Kenny over for

supper.  Kenny ate better than last

night.  Bud put up more shades

in eve.  C. Davis & [Ann?] came in

to see them.  Dad to Grange in

eve. wanted me to go but was

afraid cough would bother me.