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Tuesday            27                       February

 58th                                          307 Days

  Day                                          to come

Truck had to be fixed at [Grieo Millers?].

Beautiful day.  Dad & W. at [Eachus?]

[Dauris??].  Bud went to Berwyn with

Charlie Davis.  I did my ironing.

talked to Ma J.  After lunch boys

to Ernest Faucett's apart on Gay

St. &[Eachus??].  Dad to Mrs. Eachus.

I worked a little on striped

dress.  wish this cold would

really go away before Thurs.

I won't sew to-morrow.  Anita

says Mrs. Woodward is very

bad in Hospital (her 3rd flr. apart)

Bud putting more shades

in eve till 8 then left with C.

Davis to go see Welding dem.

not home till late.  no locks on

their doors yet, not nice for Sammy.