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Wednesday            28                February

 59th                                        306 Days

  Day                                          to come


Beautiful day, much cooler than

yesterday & getting windy.  Boys

at Wm. Darlington's.  Dad to [Eachus??]

I worked on different things & after

lunch over to see Mary P. little

while.  found her so much better.

Then at 2 Sammy decided to got to

W.C.  air will do Kenny good.  She

stopped & ordered telephone, on to

Leonard's & Zucker baker, 5 &10.  Kenny

so tired went to sleep in my arms

waiting for her, slept till we got back

almost 1 hr. (do him good.)  Dad had

quick supper & back to Eachus,  Home

again at 7-30 & took Bud back

to weld, not home till 11-30.  I

cut 2 for sock from material Mrs.

Clouser sent me.