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Thursday            1                     March

 60th                                        305 Days

  Day                                          to come

snowing turning to rain but not

quite freezing.  Bud & W. at Wm.

Darlingtons.  Dad to Eachus, back

by 9-30 to take me to Church but

I told Mrs. H. we better call it off.

so he layed down & took nap so

late getting Home from Eachus

last night.  Am afraid Mama has

my cold now.  Beats all how

nasty our Thurs. have been.

getting very foggy by 4-30.

Dad & I down to Smith's.  I wanted

Kenny's Balsam but she didn't

have it.  I got another kind she

thought was good.  All in bed

fairly early after Bud called W.

[Swanger??] & planned to go there in the morn.