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Friday                     2                    March

 61st                                           304 Days

  Day    Texas Independence Day     to come

Beautiful day.  Bys down at

Walt [Swanger's?] Pump.  Dad

to W. C. for supplies for Bud.

After lunch he turned on water

at [Hartshowes?] new place  he has

just sold (Ripley)  Sammy, K.

& I to W.C. to shop.  She had

rubber lifts put on Kenny's

shoes while i got our order

at Meyer's.  I was really tired

after lunch so layed down few

min.  After supper, about 7-30 I

went over to play with Kenny.

Bud & Sammy to Grange initiation.

(Sammy is Ceres.)  We played til 9

then washed hands & face.  I read

to him awhile & he went to sleep.  Nice

little fellow.