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Saturday                     3                   March

 62nd                                           303 Days

  Day                                            to come


hailing & colder, very dull.  Boys to

Sam Swayne's.  Dad up to see H.

Wilson, got his & Bud's income

tax papers & Amt. they have to

pay.  After lunch they fixed

couch with new burlap &

lining.  Dad & I to store.  I

got few things for Sammy

but most for myself.  After

supper we got ready & left

here at 7 for Malvern to see

[Minstriel?] show, Ken & Betty

& Ed. were in.  raining & nasty

eve. but place was packed.

surely good show & lots of

laughs. gave them[??1/2] for our tickets

& Home.  nasty driving back.  Bud

said he would [be] around all eve.