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Tuesday                    6                    March

 65th                                           300 Days

  Day                                             to come

Beautiful day.  Boys to Hiram

Mem. Park.  Dad to Eachus.  Sammy

went up to Ma L. at 9 & Smith's

bought her Piano down.  I stayed

with Kenny, Eleanor & Gladys.  B.

They are going to flower show.

came bringing Jimmy just before

Sammy got back.  He stayed with

me.  They got Piano in all-right

& it looks right nice, also her rug

with scatter rugs look

nice.  My old one in dining R.

goes nicely with furniture

wish it didn't have a hole in it.

Bud, Sammy, Kenny & Jimmy over to

[Steele's?] after supper.  Sammy & Eleanor

to Century Club in eve.  Not Home

til late.  He'll be tired to-morrow