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Wednesday                    7             March

 66th                                           299 Days

  Day                                             to come

Nice day.  Men at Eachus, took

tank up after lunch for stand.

Ethel brought Bobby at 9 o'clock

& Kenny was here then.  Eleanor S.

soon came & took them to rug

class at W. Cornogg's.  little boys

were good & I tried to keep them

from getting too hot.  girls back

by 12.  Had lunch.  Eleanor took

Sammy & Kenny to Sears.  Ethel put

my rug on frame & did a little

work with her needle. better 

than mine.  After supper they

Bob Ethel & Bobby down to see Bud

& [Sammy?] a little while.  She brought

her things to send to Olson so

Dad could weigh them.  Home early boys tired