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Thursday                    8                 March

 67th                                           298 Days

  Day                                             to come

Nice day.  Men at Eachus stand

(Jamieson Bro.) putting in tank.

I got things ready for M. at

Aneta's (W.C T.V.)  Laura asked

me to have devotions.  After

lunch I went up with Dad

just got there in time to start.

nice M.  Kitty reviewed few

books.  she does it so nicely.

I took (So sure of Life) The book

B. Wylie had sent me & asked

her if she would review it

some-time at M.M.  I liked

it so much.  Dad came early for

me & we brought Mrs. G. down to.

Dad & I took Mr & Mrs. Smith to Directors

Conv. in eve. at High School auditorium