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Saturday                    10                March

 69th                                           296 Days

  Day                                             to come

W. painting his concrete mixer

Beautiful day.  very windy.  Dad

to clompus to pay bill & get supplies.

mailed several Checks & Bud

put bills in mail box.  He took

Sammy & Kenny to Wilm. to buy

& bring Home a folding bed for

Dad.  [L??] Al & Ma. L. are bringing

him Home for a visit to-day.

Dad & W. at Ernest Faucett (Millers??)

to stop leak at 11 o'clock but

couldn't do any thing about it.

We went to Smith's & got few

things.  Bud over & got roaster

& Mixer.  Sammy getting ready

for dinner Turkey to-morrow for her

Dad, Al. Ma. L. & Aunt Grace.


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