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Sunday                    11                 March

 70th                                           295 Days

  Day          Passion Sunday           to come

Beautiful day, colder.  Sammy

took Kenny to S.S.  Bud to Church

with Dad & I.  Ma. L. & Aunt Grace

down to help Sammy get dinner.

Al. brought Dad [L??] down about

1.  Barbara couldn't (sick).  Bob,

Ethel & Bobby down at 1-30.  I put

steak in & we had our dinner

at 2 o'clock.  left dishes, [to later?]

Mama & Bob took us up to 

see New High School.  Crowded

School is lovely.  We took short

ride up by Bob's then Home.  Went

over top see Dad L.  at  Bud's for

little while then gave Bobby his

supper, we had tomato sandwiches

broiled.  They left at 8 for Home